Police: Tulsa Murder Suspects Rob Victim, Leave His Body At Soccer Field

Tuesday, December 17th 2019, 6:09 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

Two people are in jail, accused of robbing and killing a man at a Tulsa soccer field. Police said someone walking their dog found the victim Monday afternoon. James Gray is the 61st homicide victim of the year in Tulsa. 

"They said enough that we believe they were the only two people involved in this crime," said Lt. Brandon Watkins. ?

Just a few hours after James Gray's body was found at a Tulsa soccer field, detectives arrested Randy Rowell and Gina Hale. 

"Now the hard part starts. We're doing all the work on the back end and the stuff to make sure everything sticks," said Lt. Watkins. ?

Lt. Watkins said the victim's family told police Gray was last seen with Hale in his silver Honda. ?

"I think Ms. Hale was in some kind of dating relationship with the victim," said Lt. Watkins. ?He said Gray's car was found Monday near Union and West 46th Street. He said Hale and Rowell were both sitting inside. 

"Talked to them - were able to find out what happened at the crime and made the arrests," said Lt. Watkins. ?

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According to Rowell's arrest report, Hale asked him to help her rob James Gray and steal his car. He said she asked several times before he handed Hale the gun and she shot Gray. He said the two then took off in Gray's car.?

"We had evidence, and we will be continuing to get other evidence as well," said Rowell.

Lt. Watkins said they were able to make the arrests so quickly because of the information from Gray's family. 

"We were able to notify them that an arrest had been made before we made any other announcements," said Lt. Watkins. "So hopefully that will bring them a little bit of peace of mind."?