Tulsa Police: Vehicle Theft On The Rise

Monday, December 9th 2019, 7:39 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

Tulsa police said the number of reported stolen cars is on the rise.

They said in the month of December they've seen more than 160 cars reported as stolen.

Police said on average they see about 11 cars reported as stolen each day.

"Anytime the doors are left unlocked and the car is running, it's a target for a thief," said Tulsa police Lieutenant Glen Moore.

Moore said the number of stolen cars always goes up in the winter months. He said most of the reports are from people who left their car running and doors unlocked.

"That's the trend we see and it's the same every year," said Lt. Moore.

TPD said more than 4,600 cars were reported stolen in 2018. He said five to ten seconds is all it takes for someone to jump in the driver’s seat and take off in your car.

"A lot of times the people are coming out to watch the thief drive off in their car," said Moore.

Moore said make sure you take out any valuables including spare keys to other cars.

"Oddly enough there is a lot people that will leave keys to other cars in their vehicle both cars are parked in the driveway," said Moore.

Another thing Moore said not to do is leave any papers in your car with your address on them.

"By law you have to have that insurance form in your car, but it does not have to have your home address on it," said Moore. "That's what I do take a pen and scratch through the address."

Moore said TPD recovers about 80% of stolen cars, but he urges owners to think before they leave their vehicle unlocked and running this winter.

"Because it's convenient, because it's easy, and because your car is warm. Well, all of those things equal your $30,000-$40,000 car being stolen," said Moore.

Moore said if your car is stolen to report it immediately to police.

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