Pawhuska Police Make Third Felony Meth Arrest In Recent Months

Wednesday, December 4th 2019, 8:47 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

A focus on getting drugs off the streets is paying off in Pawhuska. Police just made a third felony arrest connected to Mexican drug cartels.

Pawhuska police said the three arrests in the past few months are slowing down the meth supply for users in town, and the chief said that should help cut down on burglaries.

Police arrested Jason Minton after they said they found nearly 29 grams, or about an ounce, of meth in his pocket.

Officers pulled Minton over near the Highway 99 and Main Street intersection late Tuesday night because his tag lights weren't working. Police said Minton also had a small amount of ecstasy and marijuana, but no medical marijuana card on him.

"If he has a legit reason to own it, or possess it, no problem. But if not then, we'll charge him with it. Especially if you're trafficking methamphetamine with it,” Pawhuska Police Chief Nick Silva said.

In September and October, police arrested Alicia Giboney and Gary Guffey on complaints of meth trafficking. Police said Giboney had about 118 grams on her, and Guffey had more than 20 grams with him.

Chief Nick Silva said Giboney, Guffey and Minton all come from the Tulsa area and have links to the cartel. He said in these cases, the suspects were not on their way to a bigger city like Chicago or Detroit.

"This was their destination,” Silva said. “They were gonna deliver. I believe we were close to about 170 grams there in total between the three arrests."

The three arrests should have a direct impact on the community because Silva said meth users are to blame for most of the burglaries in town.

"They trade that stolen property for a gram or less, so that they can get their high,” he said.

Police said the street value of the meth when you consider all three arrests is about $17, 000.