Keystone Harbor Prepares For Ironman Tulsa

Wednesday, December 4th 2019, 6:17 pm
By: Amy Kauffman

We're about six months out from thousands of triathletes from all over the world taking over Tulsa.

Ironman announced Tulsa would be the home of its newest race, and now area businesses - like Keystone Harbor in Mannford - are preparing to host a rush of people.

"It's probably one of the few opportunities where you can see almost half of the full competition," said Keystone Harbor Owner Ron Howell.

Howell said they're anxiously awaiting May 31st as they've been chosen as the spot to host the swimming and biking portions of Ironman Tulsa.

To prepare, Howell said they're in the process of expanding their space by adding more spots for campers, another bathhouse and even more parking to accommodate a crowd in the thousands.

"The field behind us is going to be brush hogged, and there’s even talk of getting some rock down on it because that is traditionally a wetter time of the year," said Howell.  

The athletes will take off in different heats from the east side and will swim 2.4 miles across Keystone Lake.

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"They'll swim all across this big white cove to Jellystone camping area, turn around and swim all the way back," said Howell.

After the swim, athletes will change quickly in big white tents at the Harbor, then hop on their bikes to ride 112 miles.

The bike course starts in Mannford. Athletes will ride north to Barnsdall then back south to downtown. From there, they'll run a marathon. 

Howell says they want to get finished with construction quickly, because they anticipate athletes coming early to check out the course.

“As we go into the warmer months you’re going to see a lot of athletes - just like you do golfers ahead of a major competition - come and practice for a day or two leading up to the May 31st event,” said Howell.

Registration for the event is open now.