Sand Springs Police Searching For Suspects Caught On Camera Breaking Into Car Wash

Monday, December 2nd 2019, 10:20 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Sand Springs police said they need help identifying two suspects caught on camera trying to break into a cash machine at a car wash.

"They broke two padlocks, caused about $100 worth of damage, and were not able to get into the machines themselves to get the money out,” said Sand Springs Police Cpt. Todd Enzbrenner.

Surveillance video given to us by the owner of this car wash, shows two suspects driving up and into a wash bay in a silver Chevrolet truck. As one of the men gets out and lights a cigarette another man uses bolt cutters to try to break into the cash machine.

Video shows that the men left then came back three hours later.

"I think surveillance has gotten a lot better and people need to know that those places are monitored with video,” Ezbrenner said.

Video shows the men finally putting away the bolt cutters and pulling out a large metal bar, which they use to pry the first lock off the machine. The men then repeatedly try to break open the second lock but are unsuccessful and leave before Sand Springs police show up.

As the truck leaves the car wash their vehicles tag can easily be read. It’s an Oklahoma plate that reads GIJ-953.

"There could be other victims in Tulsa County that we are not aware of, or in small towns around the metro that we are not aware of yet,” Ezbrenner said.