Tulsa Police Warn People About Holiday Package Thefts

Monday, December 2nd 2019, 7:38 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

Tulsa police are warning people about an increase in package theft this holiday season. ? 

"I have seen a significant increase in the last two months as far as just package thefts in general from houses," said Tulsa police Lieutenant Billy White. 

White said deliveries can disappear in a matter of seconds from pretty much any neighborhood in town. ?

"The other thing too that we've seen a lot is where they kind of work in tandem so one suspect will be in a pickup truck or a vehicle and they'll kind of just slow roll behind and they're kind of the lookout while the other person gets out goes up to porches and see if they can get a package," said White.?

White said police need you to report it if someone steals one of your packages. ?

"Say we catch a suspect with items that we know is stolen, but we just can't prove it because nobody reported that their Blu Ray player or whatever was stolen in an Amazon box," said White. ?

White said police are also working with delivery companies to help them identify suspicious situations. ?

"We'll get calls from mail carriers," said White. "When? you think about it no one knows your neighborhood better than your mail carrier. They're walking through there every day" ?

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