Tulsa Police Start Operation Safe Shopper For The Holiday Season

Friday, November 29th 2019, 7:51 am
By: Joseph Holloway

As shoppers start looking for the best deals, Tulsa Police said they are ramping up patrols in one of the city's busiest shopping areas.

Police said the holiday season is prime time for thieves to target shoppers and steal their stuff.

TPD started doing "Operation Safe Shopper" a few years ago, and they said it's all about making both shoppers and retailers feel safe during this time of year.

Starting Friday, you'll see officers stepping up patrols near Woodland Hills Mall and the rest of the 71st Street corridor.

These officers will be in police vehicles and also on their bicycles.

The department said the increased patrols will continue over the next five weeks; if you see anything suspicious, there should be plenty of officers around, so find one of them and let them know.

Police said they have noticed a steady decline in holiday crime since they started doing this program nearly 10 years ago.