Wildfire Destroys More Than 100 Acres In Osage County

Wednesday, November 27th 2019, 11:39 pm
By: News On 6

Homes and businesses in Wynona are safe tonight thanks to Green Country Firefighters from more than five different departments.

More than 100 acres burned, but firefighters say they were able to stop the flames just before they hit the city limits. Firefighters say when it's windy like it was last night, electrical fires pop up quickly that is exactly what they say they were dealing with.

For some of these firefighters, Tuesday night’s fire was the second or third call of the day. A cold November night and wind gusts near 50 miles created the perfect environment for a wildfire.

"You could definitely tell it was up there bumping the city limits of Wynona," said Osage Nation Wildland Fire Management Officer Ross Walker.

"As it turned out there were 6 or 7 structures directly in the path of the fire," said Hominy Assistant Fire Chief Coby Surritte.

Firefighters from Wynona, Hominy, Barnsdall and the Pershing area responded. 

"And they were all needed. Every resource that was there was needed," said Walker.

"That is basically what we did, we started setting up posts at structures and protected them....trying to keep the fire off of homes," said Surritte.

Firefighters say the winds did escalate the situation but it wasn't a dry, consistent burn- there were factors that were actually working for them. 

"A lot of the fire was on the east basin aspect of the slope and the wind was blowing out of the north, northwest," said Walker, "If it had been in another location where it was predominantly just grass we would've been dealing with a lot larger scale wildfire.

Firefighters say they stopped the fire just short of Wynona. The fire burned more than 100 acres of land. Not a single business or home was destroyed and every firefighter came home safe.

"They are always there for us, just like we are gonna be there for them. It is a brotherhood it really is, I don't know any other way to explain that," said Surritte.

Firefighters say electrical issues might have started the fire.