Glenpool Family's Home A Total Loss After Fire

Saturday, November 23rd 2019, 11:25 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

A family of six is without a home after a fire just days before Thanksgiving.

A disabled veteran and father woke up as flames swept through the house early Saturday morning.

The family says they're heartbroken over what they've lost, but they're grateful they're safe and for their community reaching out to help.

Nick Bennett is a disabled veteran and says he takes medicine for pain.

Early Saturday morning, that pain woke him up.

"When I woke up to take my pain medicine, there was a funny smell in the house,” said Bennett. "Nothing seemed to be wrong, until I opened the garage door and it went into flames.”

Nick said his instincts kicked in. He woke up his wife Jordan and their four kids, and they watched as their Glenpool home of 5 years burned down.

“I was shocked,” said 9-year-old Ava Willis. “I was like oh he's dreaming or something, he had a dream. I went outside and grabbed my blanket and it was pure flames covering the whole house.”

The Glenpool fire marshal says an overloaded electrical circuit near the trailer caused the fire.

All the family vehicles were burned as well.

"Shock has taken place,” said Nick.

With Thanksgiving coming up, Nick says he hopes the fire doesn't change his plans to serve veterans a free meal at Woodlake Church.

“I was hosting an event for vets for Thanksgiving, we didn't want the vets to be home alone,” said Nick.
They're grateful they're all safe and for people reaching out to help.

“Really giving and very generous,” Jordan said. “It’s been nice feeling loved."

The family did have renter's insurance. They're staying with friends now.

A GoFundMe link has been set up for the family. If you’d like to help, click here.