Law Enforcement Investigating Several Tulsa County Thefts

Thursday, November 21st 2019, 10:26 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Investigators are trying to find the thieves who've stolen horse tack and other items in three separate cases.       

In Tulsa a man named James said somebody stole his silver horse trailer.

"Well I've been working on it for several years. The horse trailer didn't come overnight. We've been looking for a horse trailer. I'd drive auction to auction to find one," said James.

James said he had recently bought the trailer along with a lot of other supplies. 

"We had three saddles, a bunch of tack pads, and other miscellaneous horse items. I just went and bought a lot of stuff" he said.

Sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning James said thieves took the trailer along with everything inside. He said the items are worth about $5,000 total.

"It’s beyond frustrating. They are not entitled to my stuff, I work hard for this stuff, I've been at the same job for 23 years. I work for this stuff like everybody else around here," he said.

As Tulsa police investigate this theft, Tulsa County Deputies are also investigating two break-ins at a Sperry Ranch.

The owner believes two men caught in surveillance video broke in and took all types of items. The items ranged from blankets, medicine for horses, and part of a gate.

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In a separate incident in the Owasso-Collinsville area, a man there said someone stole saddles, bits and bridles, ropes and horse blankets totaling about $15,000.

Back in Tulsa James said he just wants his items returned.

"Bring my trailer back. Bring the saddles back. It's not yours, it's mine. I worked hard for my stuff," said James.

It's unclear if it's the same suspects behind all the thefts. If you know anything call police or your local sheriff’s office.