Biological Mother Doubts Sapulpa Police Investigation Into Child Neglect

Thursday, November 21st 2019, 8:58 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

The biological mother of a Creek County child with special needs, who police said was neglected, said she is horrified by the allegations but doesn't believe they are true.

News On 6 chose not to identify the mother in order to protect the child's privacy.

Joshua Pettitt and Anna Aman face child neglect charges after Sapulpa police said the 14-year-old girl they care for had severe burns with bed bugs in her wounds.

"There was never any bugs on that child, ever,” the mother said.

Sapulpa police said the home the girl was living in with Pettitt and Aman had roaches and dog feces on the floor. Investigators said Sapulpa Middle School staff had to change the girl's clothes and bathe her on multiple occasions before she could participate in the school day.

The mother said the last time she saw daughter was two weeks ago.

"She was all clean. Her hair was in braids, both sides,” she said.

The victim's biological mother said she's having a hard time accepting what investigators claim about the couple suspected of neglecting the girl.

"I think the allegations are probably a little bit wrong,” she said.

The mother said the burns on the girl's legs happened at her house, not the suspects’. She said the girl was burned when hot noodles accidentally fell on her legs while she was eating in March. The mother said the wounds were cared for and were always clean when she saw her daughter.     

The mother admits she has not had custody of her daughter for 10 years but still saw the child every other weekend.

"I'm not a bad mom. I did what I could to protect my daughter when I had her,” she said.

Sapulpa police said DHS has been called at least 19 times on Aman and Pettitt before they were arrested. Five children in Aman and Pettitt’s care were taken into state custody.

DHS said earlier Thursday it would provide a statement about this case but we have not received it. For a second time Thursday, News On 6 to get in touch with Pettit and Aman to get their side of the story, but we have not heard from them.