Wagoner Auto Shop Reopens After Fire Destroyed Original Location

Wednesday, November 20th 2019, 5:33 am
By: Joseph Holloway

A Wagoner auto shop is back up and running a couple of weeks after the original shop was destroyed in a large fire.

Jason Smith, who has owned D&J's Auto Clinic for near 20 years, said he figured it would be at least a couple of months before he would fix another car.

"I had called and said we didn't have a place to do business, and I expected that people would want to pick their cars up," Smith said. "They just told me to leave them until I was ready to get back to work."

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After the fire, the Wagoner community rallied around Smith, and he said a woman reached out and offered to let Smith rent her father's old shop.

Smith had to make a few small repairs before opening the new shop last week. He said he's glad to be back in business, and a lot of people pitched in to help.

"I have people that care for me to be here and want me to be here; so, I have to show up every day. So, you know, it's just one of those deals where it pushed me. It pushed me to move a little faster." said Smith.

Smith said most of his tools were also destroyed in the fire, so a lot of people donated new tools for the shop to use. 

It's a smaller shop, but business is booming. He gives a lot of the credit to the Wagoner community for their support.

"Not just customers, but good friends have been by here and taken care of me," he said. "I mean, they've picked me up, given me words of encouragement."

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