Mayes Co. Deputies Search For Suspect Accused Of Threatening Someone With A Hatchet

Tuesday, November 19th 2019, 9:20 pm
By: Justin Shrair

The Mayes County Sheriff's Office said they’re searching for a chase suspect who they believe also threatened someone with a hatchet North of Pryor, according to a witness.

They said they believe from a witness account that Leonard Richardson was last spotted in a neighborhood North of Pryor.

Deputies said they don't want people to be frightened but are asking them to be on the lookout. People who live a few miles North of Pryor said their neighborhood is like a big family.

"Everybody looks out for each other. I've only lived here for three months and I feel like I've lived here forever," said Christy Hamlin.

The Sheriff's Office said they got a report from a witness who claimed Leonard Richardson showed the witness a hatchet and threatened the same neighborhood.

"It made me want to get up and lock my door immediately," said Shaylee Woodside.

The Mayes County Sheriff's Office said they believe Richardson and Jimmie Beth Falling were involved in a high-speed pursuit last month that spanned nearly 30 miles.

Deputies and local law enforcement used spike strips to stop the vehicle. They said Richardson and Falling got away, but they said Falling turned herself in today.

Deputies said they think Richardson is still in the area.

Deputies said the sheriff’s office received numerous tips about where he may be, but deputies seem to be a few hours behind him.

"It is a little frustrating,” said Major Rod Howell, with the Mayes County Sheriff's Office. “It really is because, obviously with limited resources and even having what I feel to be a top-notch Sheriff's Department, it’s still tough.”

The sheriff's office asks anyone who sees Richardson to call 911 or local law enforcement. People who live in the area said they’re not taking any chances.

"If somebody breaks into my house, I'll feel more sorry for them. I have my concealed carry. I know how to handle a weapon. I'll defend myself," Woodside said.