Anderson Public School Closes Temporarily Due To Outbreak Of Stomach Virus

Tuesday, November 19th 2019, 6:46 pm
By: News On 6

A small school district near Sand Springs closed for the rest of the week after an outbreak of illness.

Students started experiencing symptoms of a stomach virus that quickly spread at the Anderson School district. Since then the school has been disinfecting so that students may return in a timely manner. 

“In the morning, we had 25 call in sick before the day started. I sent 10 home before 9 am who got sick here at school and when we finally got the count, it was 63 students, including 3 of my staff," said Superintendent Kevin Younger.

Doctor Paul Pisarick from Saint Francis Warren Clinic said parents should be giving sick children plenty of fluids.

“Something like Pedialyte, or Pedialyte mixed with apple juice. It's good for rehydrating people. Just water won't do very much. It just goes through your kidneys and won't stay with you, but something with electrolytes, like Pedialyte, works best," Pisarick said. 

He recommended parents watch for children who stop drinking, because they may need medical attention for dehydration.

The school plans to return to class after their Thanksgiving break.