Lots of Rain and Temperatures to Fall in the Coming Days

Tuesday, November 19th 2019, 6:34 pm
By: News On 6

A week ago, we were in the deep freeze. Since then, a warming trend has brought those frigid, January-like readings up to early fall levels.  We are continuing to enjoy this beautiful weather, but it is soon giving way to wet, chilly and possibly a touch of wintry weather.


              Two storm systems (shown below) on each other’s heels will swing into the region Wednesday through Friday bringing rounds of rain and a big drop in temperatures. We’ll go from 70s for highs the last few days to the upper 20s when we bottom out Saturday morning. It’s the time of year for these powerful storm systems and large weather changes to boot. Here’s how we think this messy stretch of weather will evolve for us.


                Clouds will increase in coverage Wednesday with a stout south wind taking hold. The day will be initially dry, but the evening commute could turn wet as showers break out around sunset. Before then, the strong south winds will bring our temperatures up to near 70° despite cloud cover. The winds will also strip a lot of remaining leaves off our trees. The rain could get heavy by evening with a few strikes of lightning in the heaviest cells. This activity should shift east by Thursday morning as a lull in the wet weather takes hold.


                The next round will expand quickly northward by Thursday afternoon as the next upper-level system nears. Heavy downpours are also likely. A cold front will also arrive early Thursday and send temperatures downward, especially once rain begins by afternoon. That north wind, combined with temperatures in the 40s and periodic rain will make for a nasty Thursday evening. Showers will last into Friday morning before tapering off during the day. Fortunately, the coldest air will lag behind this system, keeping all of our precipitation in liquid form. Alas, we are at the time of year where that must be specified now.  Above is our 3-day rain chance timeline. Below are potential rain totals. This will continue to keep us in the #3 position for wettest years to date.


                This leads us to a cool, but dry weekend. This bodes well for the Route 66 Marathon taking place in Tulsa. Temperatures will be quick to rebound back into the 60s by Sunday afternoon. We’ll see those readings crest by next Monday before yet another strong storm system comes through the conveyer belt.

                Next week’s weather is especially vital to many traveling for the long holiday weekend. By Tuesday, expect the skies to cloud up, the winds to start howling again and rain to fall. Depending on the track of that storm, it could even end with a few snowflakes Tuesday night. While Tuesday is likely messy for our region, we should clear up for the big travel Wednesday and Thanksgiving itself. Our holiday outlook is shown below However, the jet stream is super-charged next week and these storm systems likely will come in quick succession through the end of the month.


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