Claremore Group Wants To 'Make Homecoming Great Again' After Inclusive Change Proposed

Friday, November 15th 2019, 5:37 pm
By: Justin Shrair

School leaders in Claremore are considering changing how the homecoming king and queen are selected and it has caused a bit of controversy.

The administration says the possible change is meant to include everyone but others say they want the decades-long tradition to stay the same. 

Right now, the football team votes for the homecoming king and queen and only the football players can be the homecoming king. If approved the change would allow any student who is involved in a club, organization, sport or who is in the performing arts to run for Homecoming King or Queen. It would also allow any student to vote for the winner.

The school says some students came up with the possible change, several years ago and High School Principle Kerri Garroutte says the school is just trying to be more inclusive.

"We know if they get to choose who is going to be on the court and if they get to vote whose gonna be King or Queen, they are gonna be more involved and more invested in what we are doing here," said Claremore High School Principle Kerri Garroutte.

See The Petition

Garroutte says festivities like the parade, alumni reunion, and luncheon would all stay the same. She says the process would entail students voting for a homecoming king and queen candidate from specific groups.

The candidates would then be narrowed down to two finalists through voting.

An online petition called "Make Homecoming Great Again" has been signed by more than 700 people who are against the change. The petition says there are already "multiple other opportunities to get involved" in homecoming. The online petition says changing the long-standing tradition will only "tear the school apart and create two political parties" while the high school says they are trying to include all students.

"When they say, 'Make homecoming great,' it is (already) great. Our goal is to try to make it greater, and that's what we are trying to do." said Garroutte.

The decision will be made by the Administration who will take their recommendation to the school board.




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