Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, Cabinet Members Take Top 10 Tour To McAlester

Thursday, November 14th 2019, 6:01 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

Governor Kevin Stitt and members of his cabinet have been making different stops in communities across the state of Oklahoma as part of their Top Ten Tour.

Governor Stitt and his cabinet made a stop Thursday morning in McAlester to meet with members of the community and give citizens updates on Oklahoma's roads, military, and the hear from the Department of Commerce.

“Giving normal people like me an opportunity to meet one on one and just say hello and introduce yourself - and to hear if we have issues. To hear what they’re doing for the state,” said McAlester resident Yvette Martin.

"They had a power point presentation that gave a lot of statistics and information that most of us on the daily basis don’t ever hear about," said Martin.

Governor Stitt said each stop of the tour is also a chance for his team to learn more about the needs of different communities.

“We’re going to go by McAlester the prison, and we’ll go by the ammunition facilities. So I love getting our folks out to see what’s happening in the communities,” said Governor Stitt.

Martin said she’s glad she has a chance to meet with the cabinet members first hand and hear how they're working to improve Oklahoma.

“We need companies coming to Oklahoma and investing here, and we need to put people to work,” said Martin.

The Governor's Office said they will have six more stops as part of the Top Ten Tour. The locations have not yet been announced.