Sand Springs Community Upset Over Recent Vandalism Crimes

Monday, November 11th 2019, 10:28 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero

Police arrested two teens after two dozen vandalism cases were reported in Sand Springs over the weekend. 

More than 20 cars were spray painted with vulgar language. Several victims in the community were extremely upset over the two teens' actions. 

David, a member of the community and victim, said he felt violated. He said they even broke into his car. 

"I feel violated and a little insecure. What's going to happen next?" David said. 

Many posted on social media. That's when local vehicle detailer Phili Schrepel saw the posts and offered to help.

"I put the offer out there that if anyone's vehicles had been affected, that I would take care of their vehicles free of charge," Schrepel said. 

Schrepel said he wishes to make everyone's lives easier in this situation. 

"I love the ability to bless people if the opportunity arises, and I have the means to do that," Schrepel said. 

Sand Springs Police Officer Todd Enzbrenner said he believes the crime is unusual. 

"I think the amount of people victimized was unusual. Usually you don't have 20 victims in a row," Enzbrenner said.