ORU Nursing Instructor Emphasizes “Six Rights” With Students After Bartlesville Insulin Error

Friday, November 8th 2019, 9:52 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Bartlesville Police are still working to figure out if anything criminal happened when 10 people received insulin shots instead of flu shots on Wednesday at the Jacquelyn House.

ORU Nursing Simulation Lab Coordinator and Instructor Sharon Willis is talking about the real-life lesson with her students.

"It's so easy to make a mistake,” Willis said.

This week, she emphasized the six "rights" of medication administration:

1) Right Patient

2) Right Medication

3) Right Dose

4) Right Time

5) Right Route (i.e. orally, IV)

6) Right Documentation

"We emphasize that you do those checks at least three times,” Willis said.

Willis recalls a close-call moment in her own career.

"I was sure I had the right dose. And I checked it three times and it was just like, I felt like God was really telling me, 'Check it again!' because it was wrong,” she said.

Police said eight residents and two employees who went to the hospital after getting insulin shots are all home now.

Willis warns insulin when it is not needed, can be deadly.

"If you don't need it and even if you need it, but you get too much, or you don't eat right away, it'll with minutes, drop your blood sugar, like so low that you'll go into a seizure and can go into a coma and can die,” Willis said.

Bartlesville Police said they still have several interviews to do before wrapping up their investigation.