Cameras Providing Safety For Parts Of Downtown Tulsa

Friday, November 8th 2019, 9:48 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Surveillance video from early Wednesday morning outside Club Majestic in downtown Tulsa shows two men walking around the building before one of them decides he wants to break into the club.

"He comes back at a later point in time, busts out our front window and walks away again. Then climbs in through the window," said Chris Shoaf of Club Majestic.

Shoaf said that same man left without taking anything, then comes back and enters the club through the window, but this time he sets off motion sensors and triggers an alarm. 

"Comes behind the bar, picks up two different bottles thinking that he might take both of them, then puts one back and leaves with a bottle of Captain Morgan," said Shoaf.

Not only are there about 30 cameras inside of the club, there's more than 100 cameras outside here in the arts district.

Chris Shoaf said those cameras caught both on those men as they made their way through the district. 

"They also tried to pull on the doors at Sisserou's. We can see this guy down by Ida Red pulling on their door as well," said Shoaf.

Those cameras also helped Tulsa Police catch a man accused of breaking into vehicles last week. While Ilana Belazquez co-owner of Sisserou's said she's never had a serious issue at her restaurant, she said she’s happy to have cameras keeping a watchful eye.

"We have our own cameras, we have cameras by the building owners, and we are a close knit group in the Arts District. All the businesses do look out for each other," Ilana Velazquez, from Sisserou's Restaurant.

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