Bristow Family Needing Help Keeping 100-Year-Old Home

Thursday, November 7th 2019, 7:52 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Kelli Ables and her family thought the renovation of their dream home would be easy.

“We’ve all been living in a very small house behind this house thinking it was a temporary renovation,” said Ables.

Instead, it's been anything but temporary.

After purchasing the 100-year-old house in Bristow last year, they said the contractor they hired to make it liveable has dragged his feet and not met deadlines.

Now, the family has just one week left to maintain their home renovation loan status, and a lot of work still has to be done.

“A lot of trim and doors, some light fixtures aren’t here, some plumbing fixtures aren’t here, all the exterior paint hasn’t been done, porch railings,” said Ables.

Ables said they bought the house because they needed more space.

The family of four grew by four more after they started fostering children, who they now have legal guardianship over. One of the kids is deaf, and the home is also closer to their school.

“We absolutely needed more space,” she said. “We did not intend on expanding our family by four more children.”

So now with the deadline looming, and nowhere else turn, Ables took to Facebook and turned to some friends.

Since the post, the Bristow community has come together to help them out.

On Saturday, their hosting a volunteer day, where people can come help finish up the remodel.

The only thing they need now, is supplies.

“I never expected this small little post of friends can you come over and help me paint this weekend would turn into a whole community backing us,” she said fighting back tears.

Now, with some help Ables hopes they’ll meet their deadline with no problem.

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