The Big One: 18-Year-Old Oklahoman Talks About Possible State Record Whitetail

Thursday, November 7th 2019, 9:55 am
By: News On 6

An 18-year-old at Oklahoma State University is about to see his name in the Oklahoma record books.

Guner Womack harvested a 16-point whitetail buck that has gained attention from across the country.

He almost didn't go hunting that night because he had to work late; but let me tell you that he's sure glad he did.

This is Guner Womack's first season to hunt with a bow, and after months of practice came a night he will never forget: when this 16-point whitetail buck walked out.

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“Don't miss. It was kind of one of those things where we've seen this deer grow up, and I didn't start shaking until after" said Guner.

He'd never actually seen the buck in person until October 22nd: the day Guner made a perfect shot.

"I actually called my dad and he didn't answer. And I called my mom and she was like ‘what's up?’ And I'm like get dad, get dad, I'm freaking out. Get dad. I got him. Get dad."

Minutes later his two best friends were running into the field, even more excited than Guner.

"They were like ‘hey, this might push the records.’ I was like you think? They were like ‘yeah, it really might push the records;’ so, that's when it kind of first entered my head that—dang--I might have done something really special here" Guner said.

Right now, the buck is unofficially the largest typical buck ever taken with a bow in Oklahoma -- scoring 192 inches.

Guner posted a picture on Facebook and couldn't believe what happened next: national attention.

He'd be thrilled to see his name next to "state record," but it's about more than that to him.

“If that deer was a seven year-old six-point and he walked out, he's an old mature deer. I'm gonna take him. I'm going to eat everything I can off that deer."

Guner plans to use the story of his once in a lifetime buck to share his passion for hunting.

“It’s kind of like what dad says, it's just what we do. He's been doing it forever. We work year-round at it."

Guner will find out in about a month and a half if his buck is the overall state record typical buck. But right now, he is just enjoying the experience.