Tulsa Transit Decides To Keep Turley Routes

Wednesday, October 30th 2019, 10:34 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Tulsa Transit announced the Turley community will continue to have bus service even after their new Aero Rapid Transit begins in a few weeks. 

Previously, the routes that led to Turley were being considered to be taken off Tulsa Transit's routes. Tulsa Transit said a strong response from the community convinced them to keep the routes. 

"Our goal is not to abandon Turley. It's to continue providing services up there because the area needs it, and we have heard that message," said General Manager Ted Rieck. 

The original plan had the new Aero bus system operating within the Tulsa city limits along Peoria Avenue, stopping service past 56th Street North, leaving Turley residents stranded.

"Those people are people that work everyday, and they need transportation," said community member Arthur Candler.

After a community meeting, Tulsa Transit came up with an alternative. When Aero buses begin running, they will still stop at 56th Street North, but there will be another route extending into the Turley area.

Tulsa Transit said because extending the service into Turley was not in their budget. they will be absorbing the cost while looking for a longer term solution.

"We may have a dedicated shuttle that only operates in Turley connecting people to the Aero, and then there may be some other ideas as well. We want to thoroughly vet those," Rieck said.