Tulsa Police Search For Suspect Accused Of Beating, Sexually Assaulting, Torturing Woman

Tuesday, October 29th 2019, 10:29 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Tulsa Police are looking for a fugitive accused of kidnapping, beating, raping and torturing a woman over allegedly owing $180 to them.

Police have spent countless hours looking for the suspect. Court documents give graphic detail of the victim's terrifying encounter, and said she was held against her will for two days.

Tulsa Police are looking for Laura Palmer, who goes by “Seven." She's one of three people suspected in the case.

Police have two men in custody, Drake O'Neal and Terran Morrow, who were captured in Maine.

Court documents said the victim went to Palmer's apartment last month. She told police Palmer accused her of stealing $180.

Documents say Palmer told O'Neal and Morrow to take the woman into the bathroom to search her for the money, but both men raped her.

Documents said Palmer took the woman back into the bathroom at gun-point where she forced her to take off her clothes, sexually assaulted her and threatened to kill her. The woman said she was held against her will for two days, was beaten, cut, had acid poured on her wound and was tortured by Palmer with a drill.

The woman said she escaped two days later and called police.