Tree Trimmer Found Guilty Of Murder, Burglary In Death Of Tulsa Man

Friday, October 25th 2019, 2:30 pm
By: News On 6

A jury finds a Tulsa man guilty for breaking into a home, and shooting and killing the homeowner, 80-year-old Jim Rosenlieb. That jury also recommended the maximum punishment after just one hour of deliberations.

Ricky Davison was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life without parole. He was also convicted of first degree burglary, and given 20 years for the charge, which is the maximum possible sentence for that crime.

The verdict was satisfying to the Rosenlieb family, who said Davison robbed them not only of their beloved dad, grandpa, and husband, but also left the family with no sense of security.

"It's been a very difficult last 16 months of our lives," Mark Rosenlieb, the victim's son, said. "We're working our way through the process right now."

Davison testified earlier in the trial that he was innocent, and that it was actually his dad who pulled the trigger and killed Rosenlieb in his own home. However, on Friday, Davison's attorney admitted his client was the killer.

"This is everybody's worst nightmare," Prosecutor Kevin Gray said. "Somebody who's asleep in their own home, hanging out in their own home, and a total stranger comes in and violates that sense of security and safety."

Gray said Davison worked as a tree trimmer at the Rosenlieb's home just weeks before the shooting. While Davison worked, the Rosenliebs served him sandwiches and water.               

In Gray's closing arguments, he said, "Davison didn't just bite the hand that fed him. He literally killed the man who fed him."

"He's a sociopath," Gray said. "There is just absolutely no sign of remorse in him. To a certain extent, I think still doesn't grasp the gravity of what he did to that family."

With the jury handing Davison the maximum sentence on both charges, the Rosenliebs are ready to close the book.

"We are very pleased with how it turned out, and we're ready to move on," Mark said. "We pray it never happens to anybody else."

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Mark Rosenlieb said during his victim impact statement during the sentencing phase of the trial that regardless of how much pain Davison has caused him and his family, he forgives him.

The judge confirmed Davison's sentence immediately after the jury read the verdict.

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