Trucker Fires Pellet Pistol At Other Drivers On Highway 169, Oologah Police Say

Wednesday, October 23rd 2019, 1:23 pm
By: Dee Duren

Oologah Police arrested a trucker they say was driving down the highway firing a pellet pistol at other drivers Tuesday night.

Police said Lezli Deon Hines had two open bottles of an alcoholic beverage and a pellet pistol in the cab of his semi-truck when they stopped him on Highway 169. 

Two other drivers stopped to give witness statements in the incident, an arrest report said. Police said one victim had what appeared to be a bullet hole in the back windshield of their car with the glass shattered around it. Another driver said they were alongside Hines on the highway when they saw the trucker put the gun out of the window and point it at him.

Hines, a 31-year-old Maryland man, was booked on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon and transporting an open container of alcohol.