Law Enforcement Trains To Keep Oklahoma School Campuses Safer

Friday, October 18th 2019, 10:19 pm
By: Justin Shrair

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies are training to learn how to better protect school campuses.

Safety and Security Coordinator Richard Stewart showed hands-on training and concepts these.  

"More windows mean you illuminate human activity, which is really what it's about," Stewart said. 

The National Association of School Resource Officers put on three day training that teaches deputies to look for areas that could be vulnerable on the campuses they serve.

"It covers a lot of things from how much shrubbery is on property, to what you can see and what you can't do - all the way up to internal safety procedures and video surveillance," Tulsa Co. Deputy Doyle Heathcott said.

The current 20 school resource deputies patrol six Tulsa Tech campuses. From patrols inside, outside, and around the campus. This advanced training also covers topics from threat assessments to online investigations.

The deputies are also trained in CPR, first aid, bleeding control, and are all trained in mental health. They have completed more than 1500 hours of training to keep students and faculty safe.