WATCH: Camera Captures Cafe Breaks-In

Friday, October 18th 2019, 7:31 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Armed with a crowbar and covered by a mask, a potty-mouthed thief had no idea there was a camera right in front of him. Police say he broke into the Golden Saddle Cafe near Admiral and Sheridan around 2 a.m. Friday morning.

"I don't think he noticed the camera,” said Nasim Salari, the owner of the restaurant. “There was no reaction to camera."

Nasim Salari owns the restaurant and got a motion alert on his phone this morning - that someone was inside.

"So I look in there and I see some guy with a crowbar, flashlight in the back kitchen and then I hear some sounds,” he said.

The man enters the back office, looks around, and this box of spare change quickly catches his eye.

Full of excitement, he curses at himself, which is also captured by the cameras.

"That's a good thing. Maybe from his voice, somebody recognizes him,” said Salari.

Salari says the thief also eyed the safe, but didn't try to get into it.

He called 911 and rushed over to the restaurant, but the thief was already gone when police showed up.

Salari says he now is not only out the money, but also has to fix the damage to where he got in.

"He broke some panels to a building that is attached to our building,” said Salari. “And then he broke the door from that building to the restaurant."

In the meantime, Salari hopes someone, somewhere recognizes his face and voice.