Advocates For Disabled In Tulsa Hope To Get Busy Intersection Repaired

Wednesday, October 16th 2019, 2:41 pm
By: Emory Bryan

In Tulsa, 11th and Utica is a crossroads for the disabled, but the sidewalks in the area sometimes make it difficult for them to travel.

An advocacy group hopes to document all of the issues, to help guide the City of Tulsa in making improvements. In some places, the sidewalks are cracked and have gaps, some tilt toward the street, and some are almost completely blocked by power poles

Tray St. John uses a power wheelchair and when he’s crossing streets, he goes as fast as he can, and always wears orange clothing, hoping drivers will see him. He's been hit before, and yelled at plenty of times by drivers in a hurry.

“Like it was my fault when all I was doing was crossing the street” says St. John.

The intersection is busier than most with wheelchairs because of the nearby Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges. Many also live nearby at the Murdoch Villa. They use sidewalks to get to the nearby QuikTrip and transit line.

“We need to get where we're going, too” says St. John.

Access Tulsa hopes to get 11th Street improved for better access for the disabled.

“We want to make sure there are crosswalks and it doesn't cost much to put the paint down and we want to make sure they're well painted and cars know where the boundaries are. Pedestrians have the right to cross, and the cars need to wait for them," said Raybyne Eckstein of Access Tulsa.

Charles Stanley complains there are often poles in his path, or construction signs on the sidewalk.

“On Peoria, there's a couple you can't get around” he said.

Stanley had a stoke at 45 years old, and now cannot work and uses a wheelchair to get around. “I used to not think about it, until I had a stroke, and now I think about all that stuff” he said.

Access Tulsa welcomes help with the work of documenting sidewalk and crosswalk issues, which can be reported to the City by calling 3-1-1 or using the City 311 app.

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