Tulsa Transit Holds Meeting To Discuss Turley Service

Monday, October 14th 2019, 10:23 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa Transit is asking for input on several recommendations they have made to make sure people in Turley still have access to buses.

The route that services Turley right now will change at the end of November with the implementation of a new Aero Bus Rapid Transit Station route.

Tulsa Transit says they want to keep serving Turley and care about making this process work for everyone. They say the reason they had tonight's meeting was because they care. They say they wanted input on several recommendations they created to make sure people in Turley still had access to the bus but the people News On 6 talked to said they did not feel like their concerns were taken seriously at the meeting.

"North Tulsa and Turley by extension, we don't have and it is void of business, of grocery stores, basic needs and so we all have to travel to go places. Because of that, it is impoverished so there is a need for public transit. With that need we have to take the bus so when the bus routes are changed it affects us," said student Jalil Lollis.  

Tulsa Transit says their board will be taking the concerns voiced at the meeting into consideration while deciding which recommendation to choose.