TPS Launches Healthier Meals, More Locally Grown Options

Thursday, October 10th 2019, 5:35 am
By: Joseph Holloway

Students in Tulsa Public Schools are noticing big changes to the meals they're getting at school. The district says it's bringing in healthier and more locally grown options.

District leaders said they rolled out the new meal program a few days ago, and they're already hearing positive feedback.

The principal at Webster Middle and High School says they're already seeing longer lines and more kids wanting to eat lunch.

Officials asked students what kind of options they wanted to see when it comes to their breakfast and lunch,  and students said they want more options and healthier choices as well.

TPS will also launch an app in a few months that'll allow students to check out nutritional information for every meal.

"They care about where the food is coming from, what's in each meal and the fact that it is from the area, I think there's a sense of connection and pride" said Jorge Robles with Tulsa Public Schools. 

TPS says supper is now being served after school at several of its schools.