Family Searching For Answers After Father Dies Outside Of Tulsa Bar

Wednesday, October 9th 2019, 10:44 pm
By: News On 6

A family is searching for answers, after a father of three died from head injuries after Tulsa Police say he was punched outside a Tulsa bar.

Now, relatives are trying to explain the tragedy to the victim’s three children.

The family tells me Thomas Hurley was in town training for a new job. He was only supposed to be in Tulsa two more weeks before going back home.

Family members say Thomas just celebrated his 34th birthday at the end of September. They say he was married to his childhood best friend and was at his best when he was with his kids. Tulsa Police say Thomas was punched outside of a bar this weekend and hit his head on the concrete. He was put on life support and passed away Tuesday.

"He was our life," said Thomas’s mom Melody Hurley.

"You had that hope when you come out here that it is a mistake, it is not him, it is not him," said Thomas’s wife Christine Hurley, "I felt shattered. Like a piece of me just broke because it was real."

It was important to Thomas's family that his children, all under the age of 10, were able to say goodbye. Thomas's wife and mother say, walking the kids through the pain of losing their dad is excruciating. 

"The kids have been having a really tough time because they want us to go over to the hospital and go get daddy," said Melody Hurley.

"He is struggling so hard and I can't fix it for him. I don't know how to," said Christine Hurley.

Police say they have the fight on camera and have a good idea of what happened, but won't release any other details until they speak to more witnesses.

"It was unnecessary and it took our whole lives," said Melody Hurley.

The family says there is a GoFundMe that has been set up by someone who stayed with Thomas until paramedics were able to get to the scene. If you would like to help the Hurley family, click here.