New Changes Coming To The ACT Test

Wednesday, October 9th 2019, 6:57 am
By: Mallory Thomas

New changes are coming to the colleges admissions ACT test.

The actual format and the content of the test will have no changes, but there are still some changes you'll want to be aware of. 

One of the big changes happening to the ACT starts in September of 2020. Students will now have the option to retake individual sections of the test instead of the entire exam.

 After getting feedback from students and parents, students will still be able to take the ACT online or on paper, but they have to do both at a testing center.

Officials say this will help with getting test results back faster. As opposed to the old way of getting your results back within two weeks. Now, results could be back as soon as two days after taking the test. 

Students still have the option to take the free practice exam online, which would help them determine if they would prefer to take the test online or the paper version.