3 Tulsa Sisters Accused Of Elaborate Plan To Kill Couple

Monday, October 7th 2019, 7:51 pm
By: News On 6

The FBI says three Tulsa sisters created an elaborate plan to kill a couple in Alabama last year over child visitation.

The victim was shot but survived. All three sisters are in custody after being charged in federal court recently.

The indictment details a scheme involving binoculars, disguises, a ladder, a climbing rope, luck beads, a luck necklace and gloves. There was also 165 phone calls and text messages between the sisters, one who is a former Marine with skill in rifle marksmanship.

Records say the murder was to take place on June 18 last year near a small church in Alabama.

The indictment says Tierzah Mapson and her ex had a child together. The child lived with Mapson but had visits with the father. The ex and his new wife lived in Florida, but Tierzah and her sisters, Elisa and Charis, all lived in the Tulsa area.

Documents say Tierzah arranged to have her ex and his wife drive to specific address in Alabama to hand the child over for a visit. Documents say it was all a lie to get the couple there to kill them.

Documents say Elisa was to drive her white truck to Alabama to meet sister Charis, who would drive there from Oklahoma while Tierzah stayed in Florida - to coordinate and make sure her ex and his wife stayed at the location.

They say she texted him several times, first saying, "ran into traffic and will be running a few hours late," and "sorry, a little while longer, (child) got car sick and puked."

20 minutes after that text, several shots were fired into the couple's car hitting the ex in the shoulder.

Agents say Elisa's white truck was seen about 200 yards from the couple's parking spot around the time of the shooting, and someone had added stripes to the tailgate that were later removed after the shooting.

They say Tierzah first told them a stalker took her truck without her permission, then later said a friend took the truck to Alabama to confront her ex over a threat she says the ex made against the child.

All three sisters are now in custody. They await extradition to Alabama to face federal charges.

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