Wagoner County Deputies Search For Serial Con Artist

Thursday, October 3rd 2019, 10:25 pm
By: News On 6

Wagoner County deputies are looking for a man who they say took money for items he was selling but never delivered them.

Investigators say, he keeps getting away with victimizing people because of a law voters approved in 2016. At first glance, deputies say they thought they were dealing with a civil case but they looked closer and say they saw a pattern they are trying to stop.

Wagoner County Deputies say Johnny Ferrell has been selling products to people in Rogers and Wagoner County, asking for deposits and then never delivering the product.

"This particular individual was pretty good about what he did. He was always assured that he never got into it for more than one thousand dollars," said Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott.

Sheriff Chris Elliott says Ferrell put an ad online for t-posts and found a buyer.

"T-posts like what you would build a fence with," said Sheriff Chris Elliott. "He came and met with him. There was an exchange of money, with the promise that the t-post would be delivered to him."

But an affidavit says Ferrell never had them. The victim reached out to deputies for help.

"I started looking at the actual suspect that was on the deal just to see if he had any issues like this before, if he had done this before and sure enough it was like all the lights went off," said Wagoner County Investigator Danny Elliott.

Elliott says Ferrell has active cases in Rogers County as well.

"The actual crime itself is a misdemeanor, but the fact that this guy has done this continuously, he has developed a pattern of it. In Oklahoma there is a statute 2145 where if in two or more counties a suspect is committing the same criminal activity in all those deals, you can charge them with a felony in pattern of criminal activity," said Elliott.

Sheriff Chris Elliot says there is no such thing as a low level property crime to the Sheriff's Office. 

"It is huge to us because it is huge to our victims out there and our citizens," said Sheriff Chris Elliott.

Deputies say it can be tough to track down suspects in these types of cases because the suspect might be working out of the country but he says this suspect was easier to track down because he lives in the area.

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