Gypsy Coffee Adds Medical Marijuana Patio

Thursday, October 3rd 2019, 8:55 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Gypsy Coffee in downtown Tulsa is offering something new for medical marijuana patients.

In addition to selling coffee, they now have a designated patio where people with a medical marijuana card can smoke and take edibles.

"Allow people the freedom to take their medicine, to feel at ease, to feel at home, to feel safe in a place where we already are very accepting of all walks of life," said Alec Hill, a barista.

Hill is also preparing to open a dispensary, called Eufloria, in the same building next door.

"One of the ideas we had was that someone could come in, order a cup of coffee, walk over to our store, as long as they have a card and have it infused with CBD or THC,” said Hill.

Hill and the owners of Gypsy say a cannabis cafe allows people to get a cup of coffee, buy weed and enjoy it all in the same place.

The State Department of Health says the way the law is written, medical marijuana is treated like tobacco for businesses who meet the qualifications.

Not many have tried the cannabis cafe concept just yet. Hill says they started advertising it for their patio this week.

"Yesterday I was in here doing some work and I saw somebody outside and in the vernacular, sparked up a J, and I asked if I could see their card and they showed it to me and the first thing out of their mouth was thank you," said Hill.

Hill says that reaction has been common the past few days, as they want people to feel accepted.

Eufloria is scheduled to open within the next week.

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