Sen. Lankford, Congressman Hern Believe Impeachment Inquiry Will Fail

Monday, September 30th 2019, 9:47 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Two members of Oklahoma's Republican Congressional delegation say the Impeachment inquiry of President Trump is purely politically motivated and possibly based on evidence that won't hold up under scrutiny.

With Congress on a two week recess, members are back in their home districts.

Tulsa Representative Kevin Hern and Senator James Lankford were both packing apples at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, as part of a bipartisan effort to illustrate the needs of hungry Oklahomans.

Senator Lankford said, "we have people calling the office all the time asking about the investigation, what's the status, what's happening, 'has the President already been impeached?'" which he noted is purely being handled in the U.S. House at the moment.

Lankford believes the evidence he's seen so far isn't nearly enough to even consider impeachment. 

"If there's a high crime or misdemeanor that's a lot different than 'I just don't like the policies,'" he said.

Representative Hern said Democrats know the impeachment effort will fail.

"The senate will never take it up; this is all about the election next year" Hern said. "Many of my colleagues, and the DNC, is keenly aware of the President's abilities should he be re-elected - that he could have the opportunity to appoint a new Supreme Court justice, maybe two."

Hern believes those picks are the main reason Democrats are so strongly mobilized against the President.