Family Fights To Keep The Memory Alive Of Tulsa Woman Missing For 13 Years

Saturday, September 28th 2019, 11:13 pm
By: Erick Payne

It's been nearly 13 years since a woman went missing, and her family and friends are fighting to keep her memory alive.

They gathered Saturday night, more than a decade after Tina Pitts' disappearance, to celebrate her birthday and life, releasing balloons into the sky, and giving life to her memory.

Her sister says they'll never give up trying to figure out what happened to her.

The road to finding answers about Tina's disappearance has so far been unfruitful for her sister, Angie.

"2006, her door was wide open, no Tina. Never seen my sister again," Angie said.

Tulsa Police suspect Tina was a victim of foul play. Investigators found her blood in her boyfriend's truck, but there wasn't enough evidence for an arrest.

"I just want to find my sister, find who's responsible," Angie said. "She liked to have fun, she always had you laughing, this didn't have to happen." 

Angie has held onto every newspaper clipping since Tina's disappearance nearly 13 years ago. Since then, they've tried everything, passing out fliers, checking with police and more.

"We've looked in wells, we've looked in ponds, we've gone out of town, we've checked dumpsters, we've heard her body was crushed with cars, we've heard her body was fed to hogs, only God knows, none of that takes my spirit down," Angie said.

She's not giving up hope in her search -- and she says any tips or information would help.

"To speak about what you see is not going to kill you, you're going to take this to your grave with God," Pitts said. "Think about if it was your sister or your child, I wouldn't turn my head. Somebody, please feel the hurt that's in my heart. Her kid's heart, her grandkids heart. We're hurting y'all, please."

If you have any information to help them find closure, call Crimestoppers.