National Vaping Concerns Hurt Coffeyville Business

Friday, September 27th 2019, 7:23 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero

Go Natural Vapor City in South Coffeyville was once a booming business, but is now bringing in only a handful of customers a day.

It's a devastating blow for owner Marty Frye and other store owners like him.

"With the FDA and CDC saying you need to stop vaping immediately, that it will kill you, my business has dropped 90%. We can't stay alive," Frye said. 

Frye said the real problem is people buying e-cigarettes from the black market. He claims unregulated sources could add other ingredients to the vape juice. Frye says it's all smoke and mirrors aimed at tricking consumers and giving vaping a bad name. 

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Carol Conley says vaping helped her quit smoking three packs a day. She's also frustrated with the new vaping stigma.  

"With all of the new reports coming on TV, I am judged for choosing the better way and the better lifestyle," Conley admitted. 

While the Oklahoma Health Department doesn't endorse vaping, they urge those who choose to do so to do it legally and cautiously.  

"We encourage you not to buy off the streets, because you don't know if they've been altered or what ingredients have been added that was not intended by the manufacturer," says Laurence Burnsed, the State Epidemiologist.  

Frye says the solution is more education, and more regulation.

"Maybe put some stuff or regulations on where you can only go and buy FDA approved quality stuff," says Frye, "If that's the answer to getting them out of the hands of these children and perfect them, then I am all for it," Frye said.