Bixby Business Offers "Shoot Or Don't Shoot" Self-Defense Training

Thursday, September 26th 2019, 8:04 pm
By: News On 6

A new Bixby business offers people a chance to go through "shoot or don't shoot" scenarios that are normally only available to law enforcement.

The trainers say shooting at a paper target is much different than shooting during a simulation where someone is yelling at you or running toward you with a weapon.

The goal of this training is to go beyond target, it's to get you comfortable with the feel of the gun and put you in a real life situation  you might encounter, an intruder in your home, a carjacker or a domestic violence situation.

We start with a little target practice to get a feel of the gun in my hand, then it's time to move to a scenario, where I come home from work and there's an intruder in my house.

After each scenario, the computer can show you where each of your shots went. In this case, my first shot was in the chest and so was my second, enough to stop the threat.

"Two chest shots, he's done," Gary Wilden said with Combative Martial Arts.

My next scenario is turning around to face a suspect with a knife, who runs toward me.

The computer shows I was able to stop the threat, but my first shot strayed to the right and hit the ground. I'm lucky there were no innocent bystanders in the background.

"You're responsible for every bullet. If you shoot the assailant but also the bystander, you're in trouble," Wilden said. 

It is important to have this form of training. 

"It shocks a lot of people when they do the scenarios because they don't realize how fast something can happen," Wilden said. 

They've only been open since September 1 but have already seen a wide range of reactions to this training.

We’ve had some people drop the gun and run out, it feels so real," Wilden said. 

The training costs $35 dollars for 30 minutes and you can bring a friend for an additional $10 dollars. You can find there location on there Facebook page by clicking here

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