Rogers Co. Deputies Arrest Man Suspected Of Break-In, Found Eating Home Owner's Food

Monday, September 23rd 2019, 11:14 pm
By: News On 6

A convicted felon is back behind bars tonight in Rogers County after security cameras caught him breaking into a military veterans home. Deputies say he was messing with a gun when they found him.

The suspect was so comfortable in the house deputies say he was eating food from the fridge. The homeowner had just installed the security cameras that caught video on Thursday. Deputies say, if he hadn't called 911 when he did, they might not have gotten there in time.

A Rogers County homeowner was alerted that someone is at his back door, in the middle of the day. He pulls up his home security camera on his phone and watches this a live video.

"Sees that intruder kick in the door, makes multiple attempts to kick the backdoor in," said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

The homeowner doesn't call a neighbor or family member to check on his house, which Walton says happens with a lot of break-ins in the area. The homeowner, calls 911.

"Fortunately, we have an investigator who is nearby and hears this call go out," said Walton. "When our deputy gets to the backdoor he can hear. He heard our intruder messing with a Glock handgun."

Deputies say the suspect is Isaac Bates. He has a lengthy criminal history involving felonies from several counties.

"He lays the gun down, complies with these orders, and comes out," said Walton.

Officers say Bates was so comfortable in the house, he was eating the homeowners food.

"The guy had some lasagna in the fridge, and our intruder was helping himself to our homeowners lasagna," said Walton.

Deputies arrested Bates for burglary and possession of a firearm. Walton says the homeowner's security cameras were a game changer in this situation.

"You just wish everybody had them. You just wish they were this nice," said Walton. "Certainly he is new to monitoring this thing but I'm sure he would tell you that he got his money’s worth so far."