Thieves Break Into Tulsa Company's Post Office Box For 6th Time

Monday, September 23rd 2019, 10:45 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

A Tulsa business owner is fed up after he says thieves broke into his company’s post office box for the 6th time. 

Business owner Terry Tucker got his P.O. box at 51st and Sheridan after he says thieves took mail from his home mailbox in the past.

"I've been in business for 40 years,” Tucker said. “We have 70-80 checks a month come into our box. I decided to get a secure P.O. box"

For 18 years, he had no issues, but last May, that changed. He went to open his mailbox and noticed it was loose. 

“I opened it up, and the guts to the lock fell down and there wasn't any mail in there. I thought it had broken."

He said a few checks were stolen but he got them back, when investigators found that suspect. 

Fast forward to June of this year.

“Same scenario,” he said. “My box was broken and I reported it then."

When it happened in August, clerks told Tucker they would put his mail in a separate tub away from the box. It happened two more times that month. He said each time 10 to 20 boxes were hit. The last straw came Monday, when he was told his mail was gone for the sixth time.

“I pretty much live month to month. We have to get our money in, put it in the bank, pay our utilities and contractors,” Tucker said.

US Postal Inspector Sean Smith said inspectors are working the case, which is a federal offense. 

“Rest assured, we take all allegations seriously and we look in to them,” Smith said.

Tucker said he just wants to feel secure and not worry about getting checks, or even his identity stolen. 

“It has worked for years, but something needs to change now,” he said.

The post office is open 24/7. Tucker wonders if closing each night may help.

If you believe you’ve had mail stolen, you can click here to report it. 

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