Deputies Preparing To Keep Tulsa State Fairgoers Safe

Monday, September 23rd 2019, 6:47 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

With just hours to go before tens of thousands descend on the Tulsa State Fair, behind the scenes, law enforcement is preparing.

"Safety is always a concern. This is a family event,” said Vic Regalado, Tulsa County Sheriff.

Regalado says the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office will have between 30 and 40 deputies stationed at all times throughout the fairgrounds, with even more on weekends.

The heightened patrols are just one of many things Regalado says they're doing in preparation for about a million visitors over the next two weeks.

And one thing Regalado says they always prepare for, is children getting separated from their parents.

"Having a plan is probably the best line of defense in terms of keeping our children safe," said Regalado.

Last year, the Sheriff's Office reunited 84 kids with their families, a number that was actually down from previous years.

Regalado says he encourages all families to pick up a wristband with their phone number on it in case they lose their child.

Something he says helped a lot the past few years.

"The first thing you should do upon entering the fair is to get them a wristband so that they can be easily identified by law enforcement," said Regalado.

Regalado is also reminding people to not keep valuables in their car and to remember guns are not allowed on the fairgrounds.

And he says if there is an emergency, give law enforcement and first responders space to work.

The fair starts on Thursday, September 26th.