Tulsa Transit Begins New Bus Routes

Monday, September 23rd 2019, 6:49 am
By: Tess Maune

The City of Tulsa is rolling out its new bus routes Monday morning. 

Tulsa Transit says it's been 15 years since it's updated its bus system. The planning director says they like to put that into perspective by reminding people the iPhone wasn't even invented yet; so, a lot has changed and it's time for an update.

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The city has installed new route signs at its 1,800 bus stops.

Some may have noticed bags over those signs; the city put them there to avoid confusion with old and new route numbers.

Monday workers will remove the bags, and the new routes will go into effect.

Tulsa Transit says a study helped the city come up with a way to improve the bus system. The city says


the new routes were designed with rider input to improve the experience and reduce travel time.

Tulsa Transit says the new routes will reduce travel time by 24 percent for some riders. The price to ride will not change and from Monday through Sunday it's free for all riders.

Another big change is that riders won't be able to flag down buses. They'll have to board and get off at designated bus stops.