Bixby Car Break-In Victim Thinks Apartment Complex Needs Better Security

Friday, September 20th 2019, 11:19 am
By: Amy Slanchik

Bixby Police are investigating several car break-ins at one apartment complex. A woman who was victimized said she plans to move as soon as her lease is up but wants the complex to make upgrades to its security features.

When Meagan Costley stepped outside to her car Thursday, she discovered broken glass and missing items.

"The glass got all the way over here, and their feet marks are all over," she said.

Her wallet is gone - and she says, so is her peace of mind.

"I was very mad. Very mad. I felt not safe," said crime victim Meagan Costley.

Bixby Police say they responded to at least two reports of car break-ins at the Links on Memorial overnight. Costley spoke with another victim.

"She got some priceless jewelry that was very sentimental to her stolen," Costley said.

Costley tells me she believes the break-ins could have been avoided. She tells me the entrance gates at the complex are almost always open, and says she doesn't see surveillance cameras throughout the complex.

She says she spoke to management after becoming a victim.

"I bring it to their attention, and it doesn't matter and I don't feel safe living in a place where they don't care about the safety of their residents," she said.

Costley says insurance will help pay for repairs to her car, but she doesn't want to see this happen to anyone else.

"Just shards of glass everywhere, ruined the frame of my door that I probably will have to replace the whole thing now," Meagan Costley said.

Officers say in general, apartment complex parking lots are "excellent targets" for burglars, and they do not think the Links on Memorial complex is getting hit any more than other complexes in Bixby.

They urge people to never leave valuables in the car, and always lock your doors.

Apartment complex employees asked News On 6 to call their corporate office. We did so but have not heard back yet with a response.

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