Oologah Woman Asks Thieves To Return Precious Items

Wednesday, September 18th 2019, 6:53 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Dana Bryant and her family came home to a mess on Monday.

She says someone broke in while they were at work and school, rummaging through every single room and stealing thousands.

“When you see it, it’s like, it’s surreal,” said Bryant. “I can’t believe something like that has happened to you.”

Bryant says it happened at their home near Highway 169 and N. 161st E. Avenue in Rogers County.

She says whoever it was, broke in by using a rock to shatter their back window.

“They tracked glass all through the house,” said Bryant.

Bryant says they’re still determining what all was stolen, but so far they’re missing jewelry, guns, change, and most importantly something that can’t be replaced.

“We had some ammo boxes. One in particular had mementos from her dad.”

Bryant’s daughter - who is now 10 - lost her dad when she was 16-months-old in a car accident.

To help her remember him, Bryant had saved pictures, programs from the funeral, and a few of his belongings, even his deodorant.

If the thieves happen to hear this story, Bryant says she has one simple message for them.

“I would love to have that back,” said Bryant “You can keep everything else. I would just love to have that back. That one thing.”

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