Prosecutor Upgrades Charge Against McAlester Woman In School Shooting Threat Investigation

Tuesday, September 17th 2019, 8:32 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Prosecutors in Pittsburg County say they now believe a school shooting plot was much further along than previous thought. 

The suspect, Alexis Wilson, is facing new charges as well and appeared in court in Pittsburg County on Tuesday afternoon.

In court, prosecutors tried to get Wilson’s bond denied, but instead the judge agreed to a new bond of $500,000. 

District Attorney Chuck Sullivan amended Monday’s charge of a terroristic hoax to a more serious terroristic act charge, which carries a punishment of life in prison. 

Sullivan says Wilson was well into the planning stages of her suspected plot to kill students at McAlester High School. 

And new court documents reveal a search on her phone Tuesday, allege Wilson had been texting about ways to carry out the attack and to do it in area where there are few exits. 

The documents also say Wilson had cut her hair to resemble Dylan Klebold, one of the mass shooters in the Columbine High School shooting. 

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All of this information they learned Tuesday. 

“We had certain information (Monday) when we charged her,” said Sullivan. “Upon further investigation by the Sheriff’s Office and meeting with Sheriff Chris Morris (Tuesday morning), I know (Tuesday morning) now that she was much further along in the plan than I believed she was (Monday) and that’s why we amended the charge.”

Prosecutors say Wilson had also purchased an AK-47 and shotgun. 

She remains in jail on a 500,000 dollar bond.


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