Victim In Beggs Triple-Homicide Reported Months Of Abuse Prior To Death

Monday, September 16th 2019, 4:26 pm
By: News On 6

Documents show an Okmulgee County murder victim told police before her death, she had been abused for months by her boyfriend, until she finally left him.

Tiffany Eichor and her parents were found murdered last week, and now her ex-boyfriend's attorney has been arrested, accused of intimidating Eichor before her death.

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Documents say Tiffany Eichor met Barry Titus on the dating app Tinder in August of 2017. She told police the abuse started a month later when he would kick her, hit her and strangle her, as a way to "test her."  She told authorities he also got her involved in using meth and heroin.

She told them three months into the relationship, he beat her so severely, she was in the hospital for days with cracked ribs, a lacerated liver, lacerated kidney and bruises on her arms, legs, stomach, and neck. She told police when she would pass out, Titus would pour water on her, wake her up and beat and strangle her more until she passed out again.

Police say she initially refused to cooperate, so no charges were filed at the time. She said three months later in February of 2018, she went to Colorado to visit him in jail there and they drove back to Oklahoma together, court records show. She said Titus pistol-whipped her and while they were stopped in Amarillo, a witness called the police saying Titus was beating her but again, she refused to cooperate.

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In May of 2018, she told police she stopped all contact with Titus and counseling gave her the strength to come forward about the November attack.

Titus was charged with assault in October of 2018. In January of this year, she says someone left a package of white powder on her porch, but testing showed it was powdered sugar.

Police felt someone was trying to intimidate or scare her.

In June, she filed a protective order against Titus. Records show his attorney for that case, the assault case and unrelated charges in Cleveland County, is Keegan Harroz.

Harroz was arrested Friday, accused of intimidating Eichor. Harroz's former partner, David Bedford, tells our sister station News 9 he believes Harroz is not only Titus's attorney but is also dating him.

No one has been arrested for the murders at this time, and the investigation is ongoing.

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