Medical Marijuana Dispensary Burglaries On The Rise

Friday, September 13th 2019, 5:53 am
By: Mallory Thomas

Tulsa Police Burglary Detectives said they've had a busy summer investigating medical marijuana burglaries across the city.

Detectives said just in the last few months they've had as many as 20 medical marijuana dispensaries they've been called out to for a break-in.

They said the break-ins aren't just in specific parts of town - they're happening all across Tulsa.

News On 6 has shown you surveillance video of cars being driven through walls by burglars covering their faces, which makes it harder to identify them.

And if detectives can identify them, Burglary Detective Sgt. Tim Means, says regardless of the amount of property damaged, it's still only a burglary charge.

"The unfortunate thing with property crime is the punishment is not near as severe as when there is a robbery or shooting or something like that and rightfully so. It's a property crime. They aren't hurting someone."

Means said detectives are having to come up with more creative ways to identify suspects in the videos.

They've already made at least one arrest in connection to the break-ins, and they're working to identify more.