Broken Arrow Testing New Recycling Program

Thursday, September 12th 2019, 8:56 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Marvin Dove is one of about a thousand Broken Arrow residents testing out something new in town.

"I just went for it, and I like it and I hope it stays in the Broken Arrow area forever,” said Dove.

He is a member of a pilot program for Broken Arrow's recycling initiative, meaning he has a new city provided cart specifically for his recyclables.

"They brought me my little blue monster, and my little sack,” said Dove. “I realized probably 85 percent of my trash was recyclable."

The pilot program is part of a two year study by the Citizens Recycle Committee, a group assigned by the city council to find the best way to implement curbside recycling in town.

Russell Peterson is the chairman.

"Most cities our size have a recycling program that's curbside,” said Peterson.

After meetings, tours and discussions, Peterson says the committee is ready to present their findings to the public and city council.

Next Tuesday, they'll recommend using a specific cart for recyclables and moving to once per week pickup.

"That would go to all of the citizens in Broken Arrow except for the ones who want to opt out,” said Peterson.

As part of the recommendation, the city will also still provide trash bags, but at a reduced amount since recyclables will be removed from regular trash, and the committee is recommending phasing the bags out for a two-cart system within three years.

It's all something Dove hopes his neighbors embrace.

"I have a right to say yes or no, just like I had a right to not recycle, but I decided to do it and I'm glad I did,” said Dove.

The city says fees that residents pay should remain pretty consistent if this passes.

The city council will take some time to make their decision as well.

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